Funeral Services

A funeral is a traditional opportunity for family and friends to gather and celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed away. This celebration will have a significant impact on the meaning of the loved one’s life for those who attend the service. Those who plan the services are a the key elements is determining the significance of the service. We will help you in planning your funeral service to help you create a meaningful experience for all in attendance.

Traditional Funeral Service

The traditional service includes a closed or open viewing of he the deceased. Later comes a service in a selected church or at the funeral home. This is followed by a burial service of the casket remains.

Caskets vary significantly in price depending on the material used to create them. Most cemeteries require that caskets be placed in a grave liner or a vault.

The Graveside Service

Some families elect to have the entire service portion of the funeral at the cemetery. This normally follows a viewing of the loved one at the funeral home.

Cremation Services

Complete Cremation Service

Our complete cremation service is identical to the traditional funeral service except that cremation will follow the service instead of casket burial. Caskets designed for cremation are specifically used for this. After all services are complete the cremated remains can be turned over to the family for safe keeping, buried or properly scattered. The cremated remains are contained in urns. Urns can be created out of a wide range of materials.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation takes place when immediate disposition of the body is requested. It is often followed by a memorial service at a church, the funeral home or a special location. In this memorial service the body is not present. Prior to cremation families can choose to have body viewings for family and friends. A memorial service is important for the living to acknowledge the death of a loved one.

Personalized Services

Bostick creates very personal funeral services. These services recognize the life of a loved one and offer a way for individuals to celebrate it. Unique elements related to the deceased can be remembered in these services.

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