Why Should I Consider Making Pre-Need Arrangements?

Simply stated, the answer is INFLATION. The costs associated with a funeral rise every year due to inflation. This is a fact of life and death does not change that. But, there is a way to prevent it by acting now to lock in your final expenses at today’s prices. The added bonus is that a Pre-need allows you to make personal decisions about your funeral, eliminating most of the burden on your survivors. You can put in writing your preferences about every detail from church to grave site.

No Hidden Costs

There is no service charge or hidden costs in making a Pre-need account. The amount of your selection is the total cost of your Pre-need package. This will not be altered unless you authorize a change with the Funeral Home.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

All you need to do is call Bostick Funeral Home at (843) 726-4626 and make an appointment. During your conference, your Pre-need counselor will give you all of the options that you need to make informed decisions about your final wishes and expenses. If you cannot come to us, we will be pleased to come to you.

Our motto, It’s Not the Age of a Man’s Business, But the Service He Renders that Counts

Note: Your Pre-need arrangement is different from a WILL, which is a legal document on how your estate (your real property) will be distributed after your death. The management and staff at Bostick Funeral Home encourage you to get a will to protect your assets and to assure that your survivors receive their bequests according to your directions.

Get Started

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